Resolution History

MobiDollar has been introduced and presented as the system of common currency in New York. This announcement has been made for the first time by ISEA Foundation (Foundation of International Servant Leadership Exchange Association), a non-governmental organization, and the statement presented has become the basic structure of MobiCoins’ System

  In August 2018, “MobiDollar Common Currency System and Implementation for Survival Money system” was presented as the solutions to UN Agenda 2030, after discussion with NGOs delegates and High-level representatives and their direct support signature in January 2017.

The main points of presentation are as follows ;   First, to protect global citizens from financial colonization by ensuring financial sovereign rights.    Second, to replace gold standard with “Earth Productivity Value Equivalence” standard.  Third, to develop Survival Money system to guarantee Survival Human Rights.  Fourth, to build the basis of High-level Financial Technology Policies by replacing the worthless and irresponsible free market principles with valuable and responsible principles.  Fifth, to launch “MobiDollar Release Adjustment Committee” for asset equivalence distribution and to dissolve the committee in 2030 after achieving the 1st and 2nd sustainable development goals of UN Agenda 2030.


In May 2019, ISEA Foundation, which has obtained agreement from High-level Financial Technology Committee members in New York, February 2018, established ‘GBFC (Global Blockchain Finance Committee)’ at the conference held in Geneva with the approved members from 110 cities for 3 consecutive days.

U.N. and many UN NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) have been communicating with each other world-widely about their own plans and projects in order to solve out 17 SDGs (Sustainable development goals) and Agenda 2030. And especially, GBFC will provide solutions to poverty, wealth inequality, city network issues and so on.


The main subjects for resolutions made during the Conference in Geneva are:

▼the establishment of Global Blockchain Finance Committee consisting of global blockchain experts for the success of Blockchain financial system.

▼MobiDollar’s BIS Ratios

▼Survival Human Rights’ range that provides benefits of survival money system.

▼setting domain addresses for the locations that perform MobiDollar project activities.


GBFC is an international organization that supports to form smart city network where global citizens live happily together with blockchain technology based finance in the center of 510 metropolitan cities in the world.