The Need to Build the City of Future


– Applying the Survival Money(MobiDollar) system: Ends all forms of Poverty eradication, Zero-hunger, and improves food security and nutritional status.

– System simplification : Implementing a welfare society, emergency and emergency measures

– Ensuring a healthy life and improving well-being.

The Era of Personalization

– Reducing the imbalance of wealth and redistributing wealth through of the application of the MobiDollar system
– Compatibility with stable, validated and encrypted money through the MobiCoins Platform
– Inter-working with the existing payment system (i.e. paper money, credit card, etc.)
– Achieve gender equality and make empowered women and girls
– Ensuring an inclusive and equitable quality of education and promoting lifelong education opportunities

The Era of Urbanization

– Process Smart City Project
– Create inclusive, safe, resilient, sustainable cities and residences.
– Establishing accessibility and sustainable management of drinking water and sanitation
– Building a robust infrastructure, promoting and innovating inclusive and sustainable industrialization
– Ensure sustainable energy for everyone.
– Comprehensive and sustainable economic growth, full employment, quality jobs, and the establishment of sustainable consumption/production patterns
– Mitigate inequality within and across countries.

The Era of Automation

– Simplify complicated financial transaction system procedures with blockchain MobiDollar systems

  – Promoting a peaceful and comprehensive society for sustainable development through an automated system

  – Judicial system accessible all through blockchain system and effective and accountable inclusive system old axis

  – Reinforcing means of implementation and revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development



  – Automatic system for conservation and sustainable use of marine, sea and marine resources for sustainable development

  – A variety of automated systems to protect and restore the terrestrial ecosystem and enhance its use at a sustainable level and to cope with forest degradation, cope with desertification, stop land degradation and circularity, and stop biodiversity loss through a blockchain-based system.

  – Implementing emergency measures to cope with climate change and its effects through blockchain-based systems.

Realizing the UN 2030 Agenda Goals based on the MobiDollar system.