Relation between MobiDollar and
Current Finance

Interlink with all legal currencies as a common currency

– Implement MobiDollar system for all payment method in smart cities

– Use jointly with various credit cards and national currencies

-When Contracts of smart city construction projects are concluded, associate payment system with main banks.

– Enables fast and safe exchange and transaction by P2P exchange (Exchange system between cryptocurrencies and legal currencies)

Launch contracts for wire-transfer and payment system between banks

GBFC’s partner construction companies are ADB, IBRD, AFDB, EBRD, IDB and so on. And associating with MobiDollar’s blockchain system, it will be possible to do transactions and exchanges with them.

– MobiCoins Platform, which is the wallet-type platform will make other secure and verified cryptocurrencies compatible with MobiCoins Wallet

Support the cities where abide by Survival Money Policies to ensure Survival Human Rights

– Additional fund support by survival money (10 % of profit, until 2030)

– Perform Circular Equity Investment with the cities’ profit in order to accomplish UN Sustainable Development Goals.