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MobiDollar Project

MobiDollar: ‘Dollar’ has been considered as one of the oldest and most popular monetary unit since ancient times. And this monetary term, dollar is still used in most nations in powerful sense today.

In addition, ‘Mobi’ is abbreviation of ‘mobile’, which refers to ‘capable of moving or being moved readily’. In the 4th industrial revolution era, most people have been possessing their own personal mobile devices. So ‘Mobi’ has become our organization’s representative and universal term to conceptualize the name for MobiDollar project, which our cryptocurrencies can be connected and associated in order for each individual to communicate easily and fast.

MobiDollar’s goal is to become the world’s common digital currency without drastic price fluctuations as if the dollar has successfully become the common world currency. MobiDollar’s price and value is determined, based on ‘Earth Productivity Equivalence’ standard.

MobiDollar is not only the currency with the abilities that normal currencies could have not had in a digital form, but also is the core of the 4th industrial revolution era that guarantees the balanced wealth and survival human rights by blockchain’s decentralization.


Vision & Mission of MobiDollar


Ensure Survival Human Rights by generating ‘Survival Money’


Resolve wealth imbalance and Redistribute wealth.


Simplify the complicating financial transaction procedures.


Implement Welfare Society by simplified financial systems.


Be compatible with stable and verified cryptocurrencies by MobiCoins platform.


Associate and Interwork with the current existing payment systems (National Currencies, Visa, Mastercard and etc.).

MobiDollar System

1. MobiDollar’s movement and Value-based 

1) According to the report of Jean Ziegler in 2007, a special food rapporteur of UN Commission on Human Rights, earth can provide more than enough food for 12 billion population, but people who suffer from dying of hunger still exist. And he pointed out that the problem is caused by our current social structure.

2) Due to the U.N.‘s constant research and analytical development process, common areas have been defined including international water, deep seafloor, the South Pole, the atmosphere and space where are outside of certain nations’ territories. And in the end, the concept of Principle of Common Heritage of Mankind – included with U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, Antarctic Treaty, Space Law, etc. – has been settled.

2. Goals of MobiDollar / MobiCoins

1) the technological goals of MobiDollar system are speed, low cost, security enhancement, error reduction and removal of attack & failing points.

2) Prevention of Financial Colonization by publicizing Financial Sovereign Rights.

– Beyond having everything with money, mankind has brought all the value to money even with the means of exploitation of time and labor. The problem is that there is an ‘unfortunate’ class that cannot afford to survive, and the ‘fortunate’ class enslaved them and enabled financial colonization by abusing their own wealth as an absolute power. So even though individuals have their own gifted talents and abilities, they have been given all the time to save money for survival and lose opportunities to contribute to society.

3) Replacement of Gold Standard with “Earth Productivity Equivalence” standard – People set the financial value with gold, valued it as much gold as that was released, deposited to banks and made the value of dollar.

The reason why dollar was able to become the reserve or common currency is because it was issued as much as gold that was left to the Federal Bank.

Of course, UK in 1931 and US by the former president Nixon in 1971 dismissed the gold standard, thereby issuing bonds on the basis of national power, and, based on the value of bonds, dollar was issued. But the origin was still gold. However, for the purpose of ending frequent financial crisis, blockchain currency like Bitcoin has been introduced as an alternative currency.

In other words, MobiDollar is earth productivity-based currency, whose value is calculated with earth’s ability to provide for humanity. And earth productivity equivalence standard was declared based on universal common sense that all human beings are the owners, and its appropriateness has been secured enough and been made as the resolutions.