GBFC (Global Blockchain Finance Committee)

GBFC (Global Blockchain Finance Committee) is an organization collaborating to establish smart city network in which global citizens coexist happily by supporting funds through blockchain technology-based finance.

GBFC was established by the resolutions and votes during the conference held by ISEA Foundation in Geneva for 3 consecutive days under the theme of “Blockchain Finance Implementation for Poverty Eradication and Metropolis Policies” in Spring, 2019. The resolutions for GBFC establishment were made by the 20 final voters among 219 participants from a variety of fields and locations from 110 cities of 48 countries, governments, mayors, private sectors and so on.

“MobiDollar Project” – the major GBFC blockchain finance project – aims to advance global citizen society and establish smart city guaranteeing Survival Human Rights such as eradication of poverty and zero-poverty by evenly distributing Survival Money generated based on earth productivity value standard with blockchain technology.

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GBFC aims to advance global citizen society by supporting establishment of smart city guaranteeing Survival Human Rights through development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution blockchain-based technology, eradicate financial slavery system by ensuring financial sovereignty for the public based on common currency MobiDollar through blockchain distribution technology, and establish a culture in which every global citizen is happy by converting the existing ‘competition system’ to ‘contribution system’.


  1. Since GBFC supports establishment of blockchain-based financial payment infrastructure and cultivation of professional organizations, it will support respective cities’ conversion toward digital cryptocurrency.

  2. GBFC will redistribute the wealth, improve welfare and provide policy supports to the developing countries by operating new advanced technologies that are applicable to our daily lives and the ‘value equivalence-based release’ system.
  3. GBFC will achieve U.N. 2030 Agenda and the goals of ‘Zero-hunger’ & ‘No Poverty’ among 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. GBFC will strive to implement the policies for guaranteeing Survival Human Rights for all global citizens through Survival Money.