Fund Raising and Business Support Plan

(1) 20 cities selection among the member states to proceed project of 30 trillion KRW

– Select 20 cities among the primary beneficiary nations/cities that will benefited from the project worth 30 trillion KRW a year

– Then, select the Secondary beneficiaries among 510 metropolises.

– Support the cities with the global construction engineering company, which has been conducting construction projects with more than 30 years of international construction experience in various industries. 

(2) Support the cities with additional infrastructure consulting services at the request of the cities, where the cities are being built.

– Financial support when establishing or expanding national or municipal business projects.

– Competitive enterprise support for the businesses involved in smart city projects.

– Support based on the evaluation by ‘Earth Productivity Value Equivalence’ standard.

– Support by Collaterals and payment guarantees