GBFC Soultion #2

GBFC Soultion #2

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The future city model through MobiDollar system 

Today, governments, banks and corporations have reunited their efforts to utilize the distributed ledger to store, and innovate the transaction system taking it to the next level.

It bears shortcomings but with the speed to innovate, the AI and 5G technology only promise a better future within 2-3 years. 


p2p Finance

A world where smartphones become your bank and you its banker

24/7  365days

Transfers to anywhere in the world

Exchange from anywhere in the world

Pay from anywhere in the world

All financial tasks are not a burden anymore but an enjoyment.


E-Commerce and Trade 

Any product from anywhere in the world can be purchased easily 

Making fast transfers, 

Making safe transfers 

And the contract with a company on the other side of the planet is automatically verified


Survival Money System 

Benefits of MobiDollar is the issuance of Survival mode for those in suffering from hunger and poverty every single day and when it is not used it simply expires.

And if no record of use for two consecutive days is detected, it automatically alerts the medical system authorities.

The registration and management of survival money will be in charge of NGO’s designated from each city / as well as local city governments. 

The GBFC’s blockchain based financial system’s core is based on the distribution of MobiDollar as survival money for all over the world as common currency,  

and for once and for extinguish the everlasting hunger issue and eradicate poverty that had been lingering in this world for far too long, as well as freeing mankind from the imposed financial slavery. 

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